Would You Let Artificial Intelligence Manage Your Investments?

Watch Gal Krubiner, our CEO and Co-Founder talk to Tim Stenovec and Kristen Scholer from cheddar about using artificial intelligence to disrupt asset management, has just established the second-ever $100 million asset-backed security to be fully managed by A.I. Gal Krubiner, Pagaya’s CEO and Co-Founder, joined Cheddar to discuss the future of asset management and Pagaya’s place in it. Pagaya Surpasses … Read more

Pagaya Surpasses $500MM in Consumer ABS Issuance

Pagaya announces its first $200MM deal in PAID 2019-3, their largest to date Pagaya, a global financial technology company using artificial intelligence (AI) to reshape asset management, today announced the closing of a consumer credit asset-backed security (ABS) at $200 million. The ABS, like the three before it, will be actively managed by Pagaya’s AI. … Read more

The Pagaya Triangle

Branding and logos are important as they support the ethos of the business. In the asset management space, conservatism prevails in more ways than one. Logos and branding in the asset management space are designed to have longevity through decades as long-term customer retention is important to the stability and longevity of the firm. Given … Read more

Collaboration over Competition

Linkedin Twitter Facebook We are all familiar with the Wall Street stereotype. Asset management is a cutthroat industry relentlessly competing to chase alpha.  As an asset manager, Pagaya Investments is driven by opportunities to create value for clients. As a company built on Artificial Intelligence, the “how” of managing money is unique. Artificial Intelligence “AI” … Read more

Pagaya Celebrates the Life and Work of Alan Turing

On Monday 15 July, The Bank of England announced mathematician Alan Turing was selected as the new face of the £50 note. Turing was a pioneer of computer science and artificial intelligence. As an Asset Manager built on artificial intelligence (“AI”) and committed to innovation, Pagaya recognizes Turing as the man who laid the theoretical … Read more