Collaboration over Competition

We are all familiar with the Wall Street stereotype. Asset management is a cutthroat industry relentlessly competing to chase alpha. As an asset manager, Pagaya Investments is driven by opportunities to create value for clients. As a company built on Artificial Intelligence, the “how” of managing money is unique. Artificial Intelligence “AI” or machine learning

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Pagaya Celebrates the Life and Work of Alan Turing

On Monday 15 July, The Bank of England announced mathematician Alan Turing was selected as the new face of the £50 note. Turing was a pioneer of computer science and artificial intelligence. As an Asset Manager built on artificial intelligence (“AI”) and committed to innovation, Pagaya recognizes Turing as the man who laid the theoretical

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Cutting the Ribbon at Pagaya’s New Offices in New York and Tel Aviv

It’s been a busy week. Pagaya Israel moved into its new digs at Azrieli Sarona, Israel’s tallest office tower located in the central Tel Aviv district of Sarona. With a view from the 54th floor, the offices offer captivating views of the Mediterranean coastline. More importantly, the expanded office space enables the firm to execute

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Yahav Yulzari Delivers Keynote Address at NOX Wealth Advisors of Israel

Pagaya’s Co-founder & VP Sales Yahav Yulzari was pleased to present at a recent investor conference hosted by NOX Wealth Advisors of Tel-Aviv, Israel.   The forum focused on investments into alternative assets, a growing area of interest for institutional and high net worth investors. Yahav spoke about Pagaya’s strategy to investing in US consumer credit

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Artificial Intelligence is Defining New Paradigms in the Finance Industry

Is the addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the business world the largest paradigm shift since the integration of the personal computer? Professionals that entered the workforce before the 2000s can remember a time before Email and before the BlackBerry, the first technology to give continuous access to Email from a pocket device. Although we

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Pagaya closes $14 million in Series B funding

This past year has been monumental for us at Pagaya — we closed a $75 million debt-financing deal with Citi and hired Ed Mallon (a 20-year BlackRock veteran) as our Chief Investment Officer. We now manage over $250 million in capital, mainly from institutional investors.   Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve raised $14

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