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2020: Preparing for a Year of Uncertainty

After a turbulent year dominated by the U.S.-China trade conflict, a global economic slowdown, U.S. recession fears, and Brexit uncertainty, 2019 finished with a bang, with nearly every type of investor seeing great returns.  Looking ahead to 2020, continued growth should keep the risk of recession low, but political risks still remain, in particular from … Read more

Risk Review: Equities

Introduction The Noah Rule: Predicting rain doesn’t count; building arks do Warren Buffet coined this phrase in his 2001 shareholder letter following one of Berkshire Hathaway’s worst-performing years (mainly due to insurance payouts as a result of the attacks of 9/11). The Oracle of Omaha’s metaphor strikes a chord for many asset managers who bearthe … Read more

An alternative to alternatives for Family Offices

As interest rates remain at historic lows, Family Office Managers need to discover new ways to produce consistent returns that are uncorrelated to the broader equity market. Managers are finding new ways to grow capital with investments in alternative investments in general and alternative credit in particular. This often ignored, but valuable, asset class represents … Read more

Why Alternative credit represents an attractive asset class for pension funds

As the new decade approaches, pension plan executives are developing new strategies to drive growth. Plan managers are finding new ways to grow capital with investments in alternative credit. This often ignored, but valuable, asset class represents “an overall investable universe of over $4 trillion in size today” according to research from Ares Market Insights.  … Read more

The Rising Appeal of Alternative Credit: How to Avoid Common Investment Strategies in Uncommon Markets

If you’re a non-traditional investor—or want to be—you can act right now to preserve capital, earn an attractive return, manage risk, and position yourself and your firm to take advantage of higher risk premiums. Too good to be true?    In this post, we lay the groundwork for investing in alternative credit markets.  As we know, alternative investments typically … Read more

Pagaya strategy – a smart way for institutional investors to invest in consumer credit.

Consumer credit does not go out of style.  In August, the consumer credit market increased at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5-1/4 percent.[1]  Consumer credit has expanded from $7.1 trillion 15 years ago to $13.1 trillion today. Within the consumer credit market,  marketplace lending platforms (MLP) have had particularly much momentum lately as consumers appreciate … Read more

Would You Let Artificial Intelligence Manage Your Investments?

Watch Gal Krubiner, our CEO and Co-Founder talk to Tim Stenovec and Kristen Scholer from cheddar about using artificial intelligence to disrupt asset management, has just established the second-ever $100 million asset-backed security to be fully managed by A.I. Gal Krubiner, Pagaya’s CEO and Co-Founder, joined Cheddar to discuss the future of asset management and Pagaya’s place in it. Pagaya Surpasses … Read more

Pagaya Surpasses $500MM in Consumer ABS Issuance

Pagaya announces its first $200MM deal in PAID 2019-3, their largest to date Pagaya, a global financial technology company using artificial intelligence (AI) to reshape asset management, today announced the closing of a consumer credit asset-backed security (ABS) at $200 million. The ABS, like the three before it, will be actively managed by Pagaya’s AI. … Read more