We encourage openness to empower innovation

We encourage openness and transparency in our goal of creating an environment in which ideation is pursued relentlessly. We accept that constructive conflict is sometimes necessary to bring forth an exchange of ideas and views, and subsequently the innovative solutions that enhance our products and services.

We treat people like people

We understand that mistakes happen, and we learn from them. We ensure that mistakes become a learning experience, or stepping stone toward greater innovative success. In this way, we build on cumulative success and turn weaknesses into strengths on a team and individual level.

We embrace diversity and inclusiveness

As the markets open up and the world becomes smaller, we understand that embracing different cultures is essential to building the knowledge required to understand and navigate global economies. We are therefore committed to discovering and nurturing the best talent across cultures, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Ideas flow freely in a community of diversity and inclusiveness.

We promote pragmatic idealism

The challenges faced today are huge, and include regulatory pressures, competition for assets, spreads and premiums, and evolving markets in which traditional strategies and methods of entry are becoming increasingly irrelevant. These challenges are matched by the opportunities created by new understanding and technological advance.
We consider ourselves to be pragmatic idealists. We have an ethical imperative to improve returns for our clients, and have the technological capability to make this happen.

We believe in innovation and technology

We believe the world of asset management can be better understood. To this end, we employ state-of-the-art technologies and next-generation predictive models to investigate big data and deliver quant-based capabilities to inform investment decision making. We are passionate about using this power to improve risk management and produce scalable results.

We are the Pagaya community

At the heart of everything we do is a client-centric community. The work we do and the relationships we develop are interdependent. We treat all internal and external stakeholders as part of the Pagaya family, a community dedicated to achieving ambitious goals, sharing in the success created by a close-knit, diverse and innovative team.