Technology and Innovation

Engineering technology to systematize strategic decision making

We believe that financial markets and the world can be understood, and that technology is the key to develop the depth of understanding needed to establish how economies and markets work and how people think in their decision-making processes. Our mission is to make this belief a reality for the Pagaya community.

Where culture and technology integrate seamlessly

Our culture integrates seamlessly with technological advance. Our extraordinary team of innovators and industry experts take ideas, probe them to investigate data and logic, and break through to produce empirical evidence that supports strategic decision making. This enables market strategies to be systematized, with evidence-backed smart intelligence allowing technology to exploit opportunity in real time.

Where collaboration enables technological advance

Our technologists, researchers and management team collaborate to design, engineer and re-engineer platforms that empower systemization in decision making and enable scalability for clients.

Our technologists build the foundational infrastructure to explore ideas and logic behind each decision, re-engineering systems as we learn more about the markets and the world around us. We examine the systems we have developed, ask if we would develop them in the same way again, and renovate to benefit from machine learning as we remove emotional bias from the investment environment.

Where next generation technology systemizes strategic decision making

By applying big data and machine learning to the operational ecosystem, our next generation prediction models empower risk management to optimize strategic decisions in a world in which new, quant-based capabilities are replacing older asset allocation and credit risk models. At Pagaya, we understand, too, that precision and speed are increasingly relevant factors to investment success – our technology delivers both.