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Pagaya partners with leading international financial institutions

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What We Do

Pagaya has forged a new approach to alternative, data driven investment management in the fixed income and alternative credit markets through development of a proprietary technology suite including advanced machine learning technologies and big data analytics. We serve a broad range of institutional and high net worth investor markets including banks, pensions plans, foundations and private wealth


Believe technology is the key to deepening our understanding of consumer behavior and its implications for credit markets.

Using advanced machine learning technologies and big data analytics, Our extraordinary team of innovators and industry experts take ideas, probe them to investigate data and logic, and break through to produce empirical evidence that supports strategic decision making. This enables market strategies to be systematized, with evidence-backed smart intelligence allowing technology to harness opportunity in real.


Pagaya’s leadership team has the experience and expertise needed to deliver next-generation asset management spanning fixed income and alternative credit markets, with a focus on short-duration, high yield investment strategies.



Our culture and values represent the foundation for all we do and shape our vision of future. At Pagaya, we foster a strong culture of collaboration that promotes technological innovation, openness and inclusiveness. These values give us the necessary flexibility and agility to understand, identify and take advantage of lucrative opportunities in the increasingly complex markets we operate in.


Pagaya partners with select tech-enabled partners to provide a “second look” 

at customer loan applications that a lender’s model would normally decline. 

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Credit Cards Loans

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E-commerce & POS Lending

Pagaya’s Junior Talent Program

Two years ago, Pagaya launched the Junior Talent Program, a post-high school internship program intended for excellent students with interest and experience in computer science. These highly-skilled students work at

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From The News

U.S.-Israeli fintech firm Pagaya raises $102 million in funds

July 08, 2019, by Gal Krubiner

TEL AVIV (Reuters) – U.S.-Israeli Pagaya, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to manage institutional money, said on Wednesday it raised $102 million in a private funding round led by Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC

Pagaya Tops $1.2B Assets Under Management, Announces $200MM ABS

July 08, 2019, by Gal Krubiner

NEW YORK & TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pagaya, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) investment manager, today announced the closing of its fifth capital markets transaction this year. This latest transaction closed at $200 million and brings Pagaya’s total assets under management (AUM) to over $1.2 billion.

Pagaya CEO featured in Wall Street's 2019 rising stars list

July 08, 2019, by Gal Krubiner

 The young entrepreneur leads teams in New York. But well before he cofounded the artificial-intelligence-focused Pagaya, teenage Krubiner had 700 kids reporting to him and his partners as a scouting leader. From that experience, as well as competitively flying radio-controlled helicopters, he fell in love with leadership, discipline, and “the ability to have big dreams and execute them.” 

ABS in Mind podcast : New structures, AI in consumer ABS

July 08, 2019, by Gal Krubiner

Our CEO and cofounder Gal Krubiner was interviewed on Debtwire podcast ABS in Mind, where he chatted with host Diana Asatryan about the role of AI in ABS.

Pagaya Surpasses $500MM in Consumer ABS Issuance

Sep 23, 2019, by Yahoo!

Pagaya, a global financial technology company using artificial intelligence (AI) to reshape asset management, today announced the closing of a consumer credit asset-backed security (ABS) at $200 million. The ABS, like the three before it, will be actively managed by Pagaya’s AI.


July 31, 2019, by Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

Gal Krubiner is the co-founder and CEO of Pagaya. Pagaya is a company that aims to reshape the asset management space using machine learning and big data analytics. The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center took a moment to catch up with Gal on his journey thus far. 

Pagaya Announces Second-Ever $100 Million ABS Fully-Managed By AI

July 03, 2019, by Shelby Corradino


Pagaya, a global financial technology company using artificial intelligence (AI) to reshape asset management, today announced its second $100 million asset-backed security (ABS) to be actively managed by AI, led by structuring agent Cantor Fitzgerald. This comes on the heels of Pagaya announcing the first-ever ABS fully managed by its AI in February 2019.


Fintech Firm Pagaya Issuing Second $100 Million Asset-Backed Security

July 03, 2019, by Reuters

Pagaya, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to manage institutional money, said on Wednesday it is issuing another $100 million actively managed asset-backed security (ABS) led by structuring agent Cantor Fitzgerald.


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We move fast and smart, identifying opportunities and building end-to-end solutions – from AI models and unique data sources to new business partnerships and financial structures – within days. Explore opportunities to grow with a different kind of asset manager, investing in both human capital and state-of-the-art technologies as we reshape the field of asset management.