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Next Generation Asset Management investing in alternative credit.

Pagaya partners with leading international financial institutions

Pagaya Factsheet

For specific details about Pagaya’s private fund offerings, accredited Investors can request fact sheets here.

What We Do

Pagaya has forged a new approach to alternative, data driven investment management in the fixed income and alternative credit markets through development of a proprietary technology suite including advanced machine learning technologies and big data analytics. We serve a broad range of institutional and high net worth investor markets including banks, pensions plans, foundations, private wealth and sovereign wealth funds.

Using our proprietary Pulse technology, Pagaya constructs bespoke investment portfolios that aim to achieve short-duration, high yield return profiles with low correlation to the broader market and crisis resistant features. We innovate beyond the quantitative and qualitative tools that have traditionally informed risk management and investment decision-making.

Technology & Innovation

We believe technology is the key to deepening our understanding of consumer behavior and the implications for credit markets.

Our culture thrives on innovation. Our extraordinary team of innovators and industry experts take ideas, probe them to investigate data and logic, and break through to produce empirical evidence that supports strategic decision making. This enables market strategies to be systematized, with evidence-backed smart intelligence allowing technology to harness opportunity in real time.


Pagaya provides independent, alternative asset management that benefits from continual questioning, innovation, engineering and re-engineering of state-of-the-art technologies. By applying big data and machine learning, our next-generation prediction models empower optimization of the risk/reward equation. Pagaya delivers the precision and speed of decision-making that cannot be delivered by traditional tools and investment strategies in alternative credit markets.

Pagaya’s leadership team has the experience and expertise needed to deliver next-generation asset management spanning fixed income and alternative credit markets, with a focus on short-duration, high yield investment strategies.


Our principles and culture are inextricably linked, providing the foundations for all we do and the values by which our future vision is formed. As the world changes, these principles evolve to encapsulate new understanding of how markets and economies work and what works best in the institutional markets.

Traditional tools and investment strategies are evolving in a data-driven marketplace. Hence, our principles and culture encourage the innovative thinking that is necessary to develop and maintain the technological edge that guides institutions through their investment into alternative credit markets.


Pagaya partners with leading US consumer lenders, merchants, and lending platforms to maximize value for our partners and clients.

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Join the Pagaya Team

Pagaya invests in recruiting and developing the most talented individuals. People who identify with Pagaya’s guiding principles, embrace Pagaya’s culture of innovation, and resonate with Pagaya’s vision. Pagaya’s people think innovatively, collaborate toward collective goals, and drive technological advances. Pagaya’s team embrace diversity and inclusiveness as essential when building the knowledge required to navigate global economies and seek opportunities.

Explore opportunities to grow with a different kind of asset manager, investing in both human capital and state-of-the-art technologies as we reshape the field of asset management.


Rethinking Credit Scores As Indicators Of Risk

April 19, 2019, by Gal Krubiner


What FICO classifies as risky might be a gold mine of return. FICO scores have been the industry compass for lending since 1989, contributing to billions of investment decisions each year. And not much has changed in the space — until recently. 


AI-Powered Asset Manager Pagaya Goes After Real Estate

April 03, 2019, by Julie Segal

Institutional Investor

The fintech company, which recently raised $100 million for an AI-run asset-backed security, is expanding into real estate, corporate credit, and mortgages after a $25 million financing round.


U.S.-Israeli fintech firm Pagaya raises $25 million

April 03, 2019, by Reuters

Pagaya, a U.S.-Israeli firm that uses machine learning and big data to manage institutional money, said on Wednesday it raised $25 million in a funding round led by Oak HC/FT.


Pagaya raises $25 million to manage asset-backed securities with AI

April 03, 2019, by Kyle Wiggers

Pagaya Investments, an AI-driven institutional asset manager that focuses on fixed income and consumer credit markets, today announced that it has raised $25 million in series C funding led by Oak HC/FT.


Digital Ventures backs Israeli fintech startup Pagaya’s $25m Series C

April 03, 2019, by Chalida Ekvitthayavechnukul

Digital Ventures, the venture capital arm of Thailand’s Siam Commercial Bank, has made a return investment in Israel-based artificial intelligence (AI) driven asset management firm Pagaya, backing its $25-million Series C round.