Pagaya’s Junior Talent Program

Two years ago, Pagaya launched the Junior Talent Program, a post-high school internship program intended for excellent students with interest and experience in computer science. These highly-skilled students work at Pagaya prior to their IDF recruitment. A successful pilot program with our first cohort had an extremely positive impact on both the participants and the organization. Since then, the program has only continued to grow. Pagaya is very particular about who can participate in the Junior Talent Program, with only the highest caliber of students being accepted. These individuals play a crucial role to Pagaya’s R&D, helping the company grow and learning from their more experienced colleagues.


Following the internship, the alumnus typically moves on to key technological roles within the IDF, predominantly within the intelligence corps. The Junior Talent Program has been running for over two years with more than 10 successful participants. 


Two who are now leaving Pagaya to join the IDF are Nadav and Noam, who joined the Pagaya team in 2019 while they were still in school. Along with their academic achievements, they both exhibited the drive, passion and self-motivation needed to thrive at Pagaya. The program’s most successful participants not only have the technical skills to succeed but also a strong desire to take initiative, tackle some of the industry’s most challenging problems and gain hands-on experience. Through the Junior Talent Program, they worked together on the data algorithmic analysis team and made very positive impacts within the company.


Noam added new data analysis algorithms and utilities to our system—most notably an algorithm to assist in the analysis of tradeline data. He also created a utility for analyzing some of the data’s attributes.

Nadav made improvements to existing matching infrastructure and efficacy. He created our feature distribution recognition and significantly refactored our infrastructure for matching between trades based on payments.


The Pagaya team would like to congratulate both Nadav and Noam on their next steps and are pleased to share the continued success of this program.