What we do

Experience and technology in harmony

Employing our unique blend of experience and cutting-edge technology, we provide institutional clients the asset management capabilities needed to optimize the balance between risk and reward. Our expertise helps deliver technology-driven short-duration, high yield investment strategies spanning fixed income and alternative credit markets. By focusing on deep understanding of the markets and economies in which we operate, we deliver a winning combination of knowledge, innovation, and quantitative and qualitative tools that inform risk management and investment decision making.

The experience to excel in complex markets

Our team includes a wealth of experience across all facets required to excel in today’s complex markets. This experience is the backbone of our strategic approach, providing the foundation for the innovative thinking, and design of analytical tools, that enable identification and exploitation of market inefficiencies.

Systematized technology to optimize the risk/reward equation

We take a systematic approach to system building, engineering platforms through a pathway of understanding, hypothesizing, testing and application. Our teams build the technological capability that enables the rigorous analysis of data and detail that creates deep market insight. Via collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, we use our breadth and depth of knowledge to develop investment strategies that further utilize our technology to take advantage of evolving markets. In short, we understand markets, collaborate with clients, develop a technological edge, and create investment strategies that allow institutional investors to optimize the risk/reward equation.