What we do

What we do

Pagaya has forged a new approach to alternative, data driven investment management in the fixed income and alternative credit markets through development of a proprietary technology suite including advanced machine learning technologies and big data analytics. We serve a broad range of institutional and high net worth investor markets including banks, pensions plans, foundations, private wealth and sovereign wealth funds.

 Using our proprietary Pulse technology, Pagaya constructs bespoke investment portfolios that aim to achieve short-duration, high yield return profiles with low correlation to the broader market and crisis resistant features. We innovate beyond the quantitative and qualitative tools that have traditionally informed risk management and investment decision-making.

Pagaya Philosophy

We believe technology is the key to deepening our understanding of consumer behavior and the implications for credit markets. Our culture thrives on innovation. Our extraordinary team of innovators and industry experts take ideas, probe them to investigate data and logic, and break through to produce empirical evidence that supports strategic decision making. This enables market strategies to be systematized, with evidence-backed smart intelligence allowing technology to harness opportunity in real time.